Thursday, 4 December 2008

My questionaire

My Questionnaire
At this point in my research I have created a questionnaire, which will aid with my market research I am currently undergoing to help with the creation of my magazine. Creating a questionnaire will give me an idea of what my target audience like in existing magazines and what they think could be improved. I will also be able to find out what my target audience think I should adapt for my magazine and what concepts they think should not make it to my final magazine. By doing all this it should ensure that I would get customer fulfilment with my magazine, which should eventually result in success in sales.

1. What type of music magazine do you generally buy?
· R&B ___
· Classical ___
· M.C. ___
· Rock ___
· Pop ___
· Music and lifestyle ___

2. What type of music magazine do you think there is a lack of on the market?
· R&B ___
· Classical ___
· M.C. ___
· Rock ___
· Pop ___
· Other _________________________
3. Which of the magazines below do you read?
· Q ___
· Mojo ___
· Blender ___
· Smash hits ___
· Other ___________________________

4. How much do/would you pay?
· £1 - £1.99 ___
· £2 - £2.99 ___
· £3 - £3.99 ___
· £4 + ___

5. What is your favourite feature?
· Articles ___
· Interviews ___
· Reviews ___
· Fashion pictures ___
· Problem pages ___
· Concert dates ___
· Advertisements ___
· Other ___________________

6. Are you more likely to buy a magazine if there is a man or a woman on the front cover?
· Man ___
· Woman ___
· Either ___

7. When was the last time you bought a magazine?

8. How many magazines do you buy per month?

9. Which name do you prefer?
· Feel ___
· Evocative ___
· Wave ___
· Vibes ___
· Soul ___
· Other _________________________

10. What style/Font do you prefer?
· Batang ___
· Engravers mt ___
· Georgia ___
· Verdana ___
· Trebuchet mt ___
· Other ___

Conventions of a music magazine

Each music magazine is guaranteed to share some of the same features as others in its field, designed to stand out against the others in the shop they grab the potential buyers attention to ensure saleability.
They all commonly use a pretty female on the front cover of a younger or similar age to the target audience and eye-catching headlines, which immediately attract potential customers.
Although they do share many of the same features each does try to be individual, creating a unique selling point by offering something different from all other issues on the market. For instance an exclusive interview with a popular celebrity or singer to make them pick up the issue. However each of the magazines has the same aim, to attract the customer at any cost, if they are attracted they are more likely to buy the product.
Inside most magazines they choose to carry on the basic colour scheme, integrating colours gradually as features are introduced, however keeping the article simple by only having few colours on each page at once.
The most common features found in magazines are interviews and review pages, these are mostly found in the middle of an issue, their contents change from week to week, however their basic format stays the same to make the reader identify with the magazines style. These sorts of features keep the weekly/ monthly reader interested and encourage them to read on

Music magazine proposal

For this project I will be working alone to create a teenage magazine suitable for music lovers of both sexes, for the age group of around there twenties to thirties. To do this, other music magazines, such as Blender, Rolling stone, Vibe and vibe Vixen will first be purchased, and analysed to highlight the best points, and features, ad types of articles that I could use with in my magazine.A questionnaire will then be created and tested on my targeted age group, and a certain amount of people. The results of which will be displayed on my blog spot ad regarded throughout my design of the magazine for all of its features. Rough designs for the magazine will then have to be created, remembering the desired points highlighted in the existing magazines, and the questionnaire results.

Analysis of magazine

We can instantly tell that this cover is designed for young males, as it has a generally masculine, upbeat, happy feel to it. The use of the four main bright colours white, black, yellow and red a vibrant image is created.
The main title is designed to be very eye-catching, by being bold and in a bright red the name is guaranteed to grab attention.
Little snippets of the stories are shown, in which, occasionally name stars are displayed, they are very eye catching and result in customers picking up the magazines believing that they are going to read about the weeks hottest music news. Words such as “inside” “exclusive” and “new look” further this point of making the customer want to read the magazine.
In this example the model is a singer who most young males will know, however the name is displayed in bold writing next to the image to generate maximum attention. The model is shown in a medium shot, with styled hair and make up, in skimpy, plastic looking clothing, and her assets almost on show to grab the male customers attention. She is looking straight at the camera to create a connection with the customer to make them want to by the magazine. Her pose gives her maximum coverage across the whole of the cover, making the writing go over her arms. However no writing goes on top of her actual body it curves around her body not to cover anything.
The compulsory convention of the barcode is shown at the bottom of the front cover and it is made as small as possible to ensure most of the space is used on the most important points. This is accompanied with the price of the magazine, which on this occasion is shown very small, so that the customer will not see it first.

(Unfortunatly i was unable to upload the picture i looked at)