Thursday, 4 December 2008

Analysis of magazine

We can instantly tell that this cover is designed for young males, as it has a generally masculine, upbeat, happy feel to it. The use of the four main bright colours white, black, yellow and red a vibrant image is created.
The main title is designed to be very eye-catching, by being bold and in a bright red the name is guaranteed to grab attention.
Little snippets of the stories are shown, in which, occasionally name stars are displayed, they are very eye catching and result in customers picking up the magazines believing that they are going to read about the weeks hottest music news. Words such as “inside” “exclusive” and “new look” further this point of making the customer want to read the magazine.
In this example the model is a singer who most young males will know, however the name is displayed in bold writing next to the image to generate maximum attention. The model is shown in a medium shot, with styled hair and make up, in skimpy, plastic looking clothing, and her assets almost on show to grab the male customers attention. She is looking straight at the camera to create a connection with the customer to make them want to by the magazine. Her pose gives her maximum coverage across the whole of the cover, making the writing go over her arms. However no writing goes on top of her actual body it curves around her body not to cover anything.
The compulsory convention of the barcode is shown at the bottom of the front cover and it is made as small as possible to ensure most of the space is used on the most important points. This is accompanied with the price of the magazine, which on this occasion is shown very small, so that the customer will not see it first.

(Unfortunatly i was unable to upload the picture i looked at)

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