Thursday, 4 December 2008

Conventions of a music magazine

Each music magazine is guaranteed to share some of the same features as others in its field, designed to stand out against the others in the shop they grab the potential buyers attention to ensure saleability.
They all commonly use a pretty female on the front cover of a younger or similar age to the target audience and eye-catching headlines, which immediately attract potential customers.
Although they do share many of the same features each does try to be individual, creating a unique selling point by offering something different from all other issues on the market. For instance an exclusive interview with a popular celebrity or singer to make them pick up the issue. However each of the magazines has the same aim, to attract the customer at any cost, if they are attracted they are more likely to buy the product.
Inside most magazines they choose to carry on the basic colour scheme, integrating colours gradually as features are introduced, however keeping the article simple by only having few colours on each page at once.
The most common features found in magazines are interviews and review pages, these are mostly found in the middle of an issue, their contents change from week to week, however their basic format stays the same to make the reader identify with the magazines style. These sorts of features keep the weekly/ monthly reader interested and encourage them to read on

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