Monday, 11 May 2009

Further analysis of photos not used
The reason for this photo not being used in the final production of my magazine was because, the camera is zoomed in too close that his face is filling the full of the shot and this would be a good shot if it was a more grunge magazine that I was making, however it does not fit into my genre. Plus with only one eye being captured in the photo the audience cannot connect with him and create a connection.

This photo was not used because the model not only looks distracted thus meaning not kind of contact between the model and the potential customer can be formed, but also the model is not in focus causing it to look unprofessional if I had of used it.

Again the reason for me not choosing to display this picture in my final article is because it supports the more grunge look that I was wanting to steer clear of, although the model is engaging the audience I do not think that it is in a welcoming manner, therefore the person viewing this if it was on the front cover would not be inclined to buy it.

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