Monday, 11 May 2009

Analysis of picture not chosen

This picture was not used in the creation of my magazine; the reason for this is because she is not looking at the camera, this meaning she is not engaging the audience. Also the background id quite dark thus detracts from the model that should be the main focus of the composition. Plus she is not entirely in focus this meaning it would look unprofessional if used. Although she is in a suitable pose, so if the lighting was better and she was in focus this could have been a shot that I could have used in my magazine.

This second photo was not used because again she is not in focus, and with her shadow on the wall behind it detracts from the model. However, the model is looking at the camera engaging the audience, and the pose is appropriate for a music magazine as the musical instrument is on show.

This is a good open pose as she is looking at the camera, however the way the light falls across her face; it makes her facial expression unable to read. Nevertheless, this would have been a good shot as the pose is good and the camera angle is appropriate, plus the background adds texture but does not detract from the model her self.

This picture was not used in the magazine even though I personally thought it was a good photo because the block colour shown behind detracts from the model, plus she is not looking at the camera thus meaning she is not engaging the audience. Although the poses she is in does make it a good photo a lighter background would compliment and enhance rather than the harsh colours shown. Perhaps the model wearing a more neutral colour would also be best suited as there is allot of texture being added through the natural background, and it would help her blend in with the nature of the shoot.

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