Monday, 11 May 2009

Although this model was only being shown on my contents page I still had to pick the best picture that would good on my contents page. This first picture was not used because the prop, being the glasses were meant to add texture to the picture, in reality they distract the viewer from the main focus of the picture being the model himself. Not only that but rather than him eye contact engaging the audience he looks shocked.

Initially when first viewing this picture I through it was a good composition, then I realised that not only does the background detract from the model, however the background could have been removed, I still thought that there were too many colours in the shot as the model is wearing several colours, thus equalling detraction from the main focus.

This picture could not be used because it was too out of focus, that no distinguishable features of the model could be seen this meaning that is was unusable because the audience could not only engage with the model, it would also look unprofessional to use.

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