Wednesday, 6 May 2009

From the completed questionnaires I can tell that the age range that this type of music magazine most attracts is generally males 18 – 30 years old, this was quite an anticipated result as magazines within within this category contain many of the things young music lovers are interested in, such as interviews with well-known artists or singers, free C.D's and concert dates. The most popular magazine that is already on the market being ‘other’ does not help me with my research, although the second most popular is Q, which contains many of music magazine conventions. Through questionnaire I also found out that the majority of people buy magazines one to two times a month, on average buying their last magazine one or two weeks ago, this then gives a general indication of their disposable income.
The thing that most attracted people to the magazine came out as mixed results, with 33% of the readers saying that the interviews with well-known celebrities, where as 19% say that Articles on well-known celebrities would attract them to pick up the issue. Many stated that a sexually attractive model on the front cover often appeals to them and prompts them to pick up the magazine.
One of the questions asked tackled the improvement of magazines currently on the market; the out come on the whole was varied however the majority felt that there was not much in the way of improvement that I could put in place in my magazine.
The figures regarding purchasing a magazine because of an advertisement resulted in some people believing that features on their favourite celebrities would make them buy it, others stated that magazines often get their attention, especially if the price of the magazine is in small writing, so they are attracted to the front cover before they know the price. Relating this to my magazine I think I intend to make the front cover eye catching, but the pricing small so that if it is expensive to some it should mot put them off as they will already be interested in buying it.
Out of 100 people surveyed within my targeted gender and age range, the name ‘Soul’ came out on top with 48%. Next followed the name ’Vibes’ with 22%, in third place came ‘Feel’ with 16% of the vote, then in second last place with only 9% of the vote was ‘Wave’ and finally in last place with only 5% of the vote was evocative. I feel like these results indicate that the readers are after the image of a lively, young at heart, upbeat magazine.
Regarding features within ta music magazine Articles, Interviews And reviews along with fashion pictures cam out on top, whilst advertisements, problem pages and concert dates generally came out on the bottom. This information will greatly help me whilst creating my product, as a satisfied target audience, is a top priority to ensure continued growth and expansion.
Finally on the front cover I found out that exclusive interviews, or a well-known model initially attracts the customer’s attention, this is important, as the cover of a magazine is what makes the first impact on a potential customer of wheather to buy the magazine or not.

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