Thursday, 20 November 2008

Analysis of magazine

o The cover consists of three main colours red, white and blue, which are very politically American colours. There is a use of yellow also on the front page to highlight important points.
o Going with this theme there is a picture of the soon to be president of America on the front, it is a close shot and he is looking straight at the camera appeals to the female gaze and makes the male audience believe that they could to look as good as him.
o Using a well-known celebrity also helps the potential customers identify with the magazine and makes them want to read it to find out any gossip.
o The titles on the cover are very bold to make it stand out to the customers, and the main heading is in a strong and almost powerful font to make it stand out.
o This is enhanced further by the bold headline beside the picture, stating the stars name, confirming the customer’s beliefs. The caption below this ‘& 40 more who will change the world’ adds to the feeling that the magazine is about to tell us something new about the celebrity and other famous stars, this two will make the customer buy the magazine.
o All of the headlines are justified to the side of the image to make the celebrity the main focus on the page. However, minimal writing is used further down the page, to inform the customer of the other articles in the magazine.

(unfortunatly i am unable to upload my picture of the magazine up)

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