Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Analysis of articles
After reading this article it was what inspired me to do a short question and answer page, although I though the title of the page was too simplistic, that is why I changed it to ‘curiosity pays’, and I felt that with the two strong primary colours that the page had almost too much going on so this is the reason why I chose more neutral colours of grey and black so that they would not over take the picture, I wanted the celebrity to be the main focus of the article not the text colour choices.
The website address being displayed in the bottom right hand corner I thought was not only a failure convention displayed in many magazines but also a good way of promotion, so I adapted this for my magazine.
On the second page of this article it is just a picture of the celebrity in question, I thought this was a good lay out as when the audience reads the answers they know who to associate them with, so I was going to do this but I felt that I had taken too many good photos that I did not want to use only one so I placed four on the page.

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